Each year about 100 Delegates from around the world meet to pray and plan for the advancement of God’s mission among the International Churches of Christ. Here is a report of the 2009 meeting considered to be the best one so far.

International Churches of Christ
International Leadership Conference
September 1‐2, 2009

1. Delegates Roles and Responsibilities

See this article for more information

2. Future International Leadership Conferences

  • 2010 – International Leadership Conference in Miami
  • 2011 – NO International Leadership Conference. All Delegates to a specific Non‐American Regional Conference
  • 2012 – Jubilee International Conference Location to be determined Includes ICMC, ICYFM, Singles, ILC, no regional US conferences
  • 2013 – NO International Leadership Conference. All Delegates attend a specific American Regional Conference
  • 2014 – International Leadership Conference Non‐American Location

Beginning 2010:

  • ILC’s would be held during the even‐numbered years which include delegate meetings
  • Additional delegates meetings would be during the odd‐numbered years either inside or outside U.S.
  • Jubilee would be the only conference that year. Including ILC, ICMC, YFMC, SINGLES, REGIONAL (within U.S.)
  • Maybe every 4‐6 years, we have a Jubilee
  • Maybe every 4‐6 years, we have an ILC outside the USA
  • A church leader attends the ILC on the even years
  • Each delegate attends a conference every year

3. Evangelists Service Team

‐‐ Chris Ogbonnaya (Africa West), Steve Mukenya (Africa East)

‐‐ Dinesh George (India), Steve Chin (China), John Louis (Southeast Asia)

‐‐ Andy Fleming (UK & ME), Shawn Wooten (Eurasia), Donskoy Alexey (Russia)

‐‐ Pedro Garcia‐Bengochea (MCA), Javier Amaya (MCA)

‐‐ John Reus (South America)

‐‐ Bruce Williams, chairman (Southwest), John Causey (Southwest), Mike Taliaferro (Texas), Mike Fontenot (ACR), Doug Arthur (New England), Scott Green (Northwest), John Porter (Florida)

4. Principle

Evangelists, Elders and Teachers Teams will cooperate to finalize the ILC and Delegates programs and address issues of doctrine, conflict resolution, etc.

5. Official ICOC media: More than a website

a. Disciples Today was overwhelmingly voted as the official ICOC Media to coordinate communication among us.
b. Delegates committed to ask all churches to support Disciples Today:

  • 1st world churches: $6 per member per year
  • 3rd world churches over 500 members: $2 per member per year
  • Please send 2010 commitments to Disciples Today by December 1, 2009

6. Association fee

Delegates are to discuss with their regions an annual association fee to meet minimal financial needs of cooperation: Delegates meetings, communication, etc.

Vote to be held at the 2010 Delegates Meeting.

7. Service Team Reports

All are available on Disciples Today and www.icocco‐op.org.

8. Teachers

  • Developing process to study and handle doctrinal issues
  • Discussion of Conversion (affirming our beliefs in Repentance, Lordship, Baptism, Discipleship)

9. HOPE worldwide

a. $1 million cuts in personnel, etc. without cutting services
b. US Chapters
c. New fundraising paradigm – help raise funds from communities
d. International Day of Giving – November 22, 2009 (or best date for your church)

1st world – every disciple raise $52 minimum

10. Delegates and ILC sermons online

a. Audio available on www.icocconference.org

  • Delegate messages
  • ILC all sermons and classes

b. Video available on DToday.tv/stream.html

  • Live streaming video and On Demand Library
  • Main messages only

11. Announcements

  • 2010 Singles Conference in Manila
  • DT Heart & Soul now available for single disciples in North America. Other continents beginning in 2010 http://www.dtheartandsoul.com