100 Delegates selected by the leadership in their geographic regions from around the globe met before the International Leadership Conference in Miami in September 2010.  The spirit of cooperation and unity was obvious and inspirational.  Churches representing over 90% of the membership in the International Churches of Christ have committed to the Plan for United Cooperation. Following are some of the highlights of this year’s Delegates Meeting.

“The Mission” — Three key lessons on the theme “The Mission” were delivered by the Chairmen of the Elders, Teachers and Evangelists Teams.

Service Team Updates:

  • Missions Update — Pedro Garcia
  • Singles Update — Todd Asaad
  • Campus Update — Mike Taliaferro
  • Teachers and Evangelists — School of Ministry Presentation — Doug Arthur,  Gordon Ferguson
  • Communication Update and World Report — Roger Lamb

Selection of new Service Team Chairmen
Delegates select the chairmen of the various Service Teams who are commissioned to address needs in our churches.  For continuity, the terms of the Service Team Chairmen are staggered. These are the new chairmen for the terms that were up this year.  All are serving in this capacity for the first time:

  • Campus: Kevin Miller
  • Singles: Terry Folker
  • Teachers: Steve Kinnard
  • HOPEww: John Causey

Delegates Voting Results
A great sign of our increasing health and cooperation, numerous proposals were thoroughly discussed and prayerfully considered from February to September of 2010.  Input was sought and received from church leaders around the world including elders, evangelists, teachers and others. From that input, the final proposals were brought before the Delegates for a vote.

See the voting results below.

Proposal YesNo


    Process of Delegate Decision Making 930


     Chairman of Service Team not vote 809


     Terms for Delegates 933


     Delegate Election Process 950


     Size of Regions 932


     Number of Delegates 951


     Forming a Regional Group of Churches 843


    Defining a Healthy Region 2010.09.18 970


    HOPEww Proposal    
          – 1st world churches consider pledging $52/ member per year
from donations, fundraisers, etc.


          – Support and promote HOPEww volunteer programs 910


          – Officially recognize HOPEww as our disaster relief coordinator 920


    2020 Vision 970


Future Conferences


  • April 7-10  Intl Conference of Youth and Family Ministry, Los Angeles
  • ICMCs – International Campus Ministry Conferences will be held around the world.
  • Regional Leadership Conferences will be held around the world
  • ILC – no International Leadership Conference will be held in 2011 to help people prepare and save for the Global Conference in San Antonio in 2012
  • November 29 – December 4 –  Annual Delegates Conference in Budapest, Hungary


Global Conference — “On the Mountain of the Lord” – San Antonio, Texas
No Regional Conferences
July 2 – 3  Delegates Meeting
July 5 – 8 World Conference
Joint worship at night and on Sunday (AT&T Center capacity 18,000)

  • Intl Leadership Conference
  • Intl Singles Conference
  • Intl Campus Ministry Conference
  • Intl Conference on Youth & Family
  • Intl Marrieds Conference
  • Intl Worship Conference
  • Deaf Ministry Conference
  • Womens’s and Men’s Days

ICOC Delegates Meeting (with a North America Regional Conference)

ICOC Delegates Meeting (with a non-US Regional Conference)

NOTE: The Evangelists Team is submitting a proposal for locations of future conferences through 2020

Please pray for the Delegates, the Service Teams and all of our leaders around the world.