TO: ICOC Church Leaders
FROM: 2012 ICOC Delegates
RE: Invitation & Updates
RSVP: Please send your comments by June 22 to: Shawn Wooten and Roger Lamb    

Brothers and Sisters,

God is certainly blessing our unity and devotion to Him. We look forward to worshipping together on the Mountain of the Lord in San Antonio in one month with 17,000 disciples from over 90 countries!

Through much guidance by the Spirit and much counsel and collaboration, a process has developed for us to make decisions about the direction of our movement with every leader having access and input. Since the time between our Delegates Meetings in December 2011 and July 2012, this year the proposals are few, but significant. We apologize for the short deliberation time this year. Next year we will be back to an extended review time.

The attached proposals have already been through these process steps:

  1. Service Team prayer and preparation
  2. Evangelists, Elders and Teachers Service Team prayer and deliberation
  3. Delegates prayer and input from their region

The final stage is input from any church leader. Your thoughts will be referred back to the original Service Team chairman and the chairmen of the Evangelists, Elders and Teachers Service Teams.

Proposals for Review / Input:

The final Proposals will then be submitted for a vote at the 2012 Delegates Meeting in San Antonio July 3-4.

(A HOPE Youth Corps proposal by the HOPEww and Benevolence Service Team has been withdrawn to be further developed by a collaboration with the Youth & Family and Campus Service Teams to be presented in 2013.)

RSVP: Please send your comments by June 22 to: Shawn Wooten and Roger Lamb