The Gateway City Church is thrilled to have been chosen to host the 2016 North American Discipleship Summit here in St. Louis, Missouri on July 7-10, 2016.

Over 17,000 experienced the power of “gathering” at the 2012 Summit in San Antonio. The worship was amazing, the preaching and teaching were exceptional and the fellowship refreshed the soul. We look forward to hosting you and preparing a place for you to gather with disciples from all over the North American continent to Reach Up together in worship of our God.

The theme of the summit is Reach Up. In. Out. We will Reach Up in worship of our God. We will allow God to Reach In through His Word to soften, shape, feed, inspire, and change us. Then we will Reach Out as we take what we have learned and continue transforming into a movement of world changers.

Youth & Family, Campus, Singles, Marrieds, Spanish, Deaf & Worship ministries, and more will all come together for an incredible four days of life change. The International Leadership Conference (ILC) will also join us here in Gateway City. Upside Down, the classic musical, will also be reproduced this weekend.

Please mark the dates in your calendar and start saving now. Keep watching Disciples Today for more details coming your way very soon. Click here to join the Disciples Today eNewsletter so you will receive the latest updates by email. Until then, please watch this video and get a glimpse of what is to come.