ICOC Delegates Ballot

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POLICY: Service Teams nominate. Delegates are to send any additional nominations willing to serve to Roger Lamb before the Delegates Meeting. Voting takes place at the Delegates Meeting. Terms are for 3 Years.

See Delegate Roles and Responsibilities on icocleaders.org


  • Service Team Nominee: Damon Curtis, Houston
  • Write-in:                                                 


  • Service Team Nominee: Paul Ramsey, Austin
  • Write-in:                                                 

2018 ICOC Proposals Ballot

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PROXY VOTES:   If you are submitting a proxy vote for a Delegate, please print the Delegates name and print your name and add the word PROXY on the ballot.

The Principles: Collaboration and Cooperation

Our cooperation principle with each other is open and honest, respectful discussion, prayerful voting and respectfully supporting the majority decision.

The ICOC 3.0 collaboration reaffirmed the crucial areas of consensus among us:

  • We are and want to be a global family of churches.
  • We are committed to God’s mission to evangelize the world.
  • We need to change to be more effective.
  • There is a wide lack of understanding of how our current global leadership works.
  • All decisions will be made with broad input, honesty, transparency and respect

 Voting Principle:  Any proposal approved must receive at least a majority of 51% of votes cast.

Three Task Forces are proposing more than two choices:

COMMUNICATIONS vote for one of 5 icons representing the International Churches of Christ. If there is not a clear majority design winner, a second vote will be taken on Tuesday between the two that received the most votes on Monday.

STRUCTURE and FINANCES:  vote for one of 3 proposals. If there is a clear majority (51%) for one of the Structure or Finances proposal after the first vote, there will be no need for a second vote. If there is not a clear majority for one Structure or Finances proposal, a second vote will be taken on Tuesday between the two proposals that received the most votes on Monday. This will assure a clear majority final decision. With this in mind, please come prepared for the possibility of the second votes on Tuesday.

ICOC 3.0 Proposals

Conflict Resolution Task Force Proposals

  • A Global Approach to Conflict Resolution: Local and regional approaches should always be used first as exemplified in Matthew 18. However, when local and regional leadership cannot resolve conflict their members will suffer unless there are other options for appeal through a global group.
  • A Regional Approach to Conflict Resolution: Create volunteer regional conflict resolution group in every regional family of churches and call it the ‘Conflict Resolution Team’ (CRT).

Global Missions Task Force Proposals

  • Self-Governance Approach – Mission Society Self Governance Model: While we currently have a spirit to cooperate, the mission societies largely operate independently of one another. In this model the connections, sharing of best practices, sharing of resources (people or financial) is done at the invitation or initiation of one Mission Society to another.
  • Cooperation Approach – Task Force Model: This model officially recognizes the need for a coordinating task force to connect and help in the ongoing development of the 14 Mission Societies. Acting as a sub-committee of the service teams this task force would be made up of trusted leaders whose charge would be to serve and facilitate the connection, education, and communication of each mission society to all of the others.

Structure Task Force Proposals

  • Structure Option B: Regional Family Based Organization
    • Organizational Principles:
      1. Representation and Effectiveness
      2. Checks and Balances
      3. Competency and Empowerment
      4. Simplicity and Scalability
      5. Transparency and Trust
      6. Organizational Components
    • Structure Principles:
      1. Representatives of the 32 Regional Families of Churches replace Delegates
      2. Leadership Team
      3. Board of Overseers
  • Structure Option C: Region Building Teams
    • Guiding Principle: Boost both intentionality and diversity of representation; shift focus of delegates from legislation to region-building leadership
    •  Each Region should assemble a team of Region builders that include chairman, elders, administrators, secular and church leaders, women’s ministry leaders, teachers, campus ministers, youth ministers and administrators
    • Region Building Team: the Regional Chairman, women’s ministry leader, potential successor to Chairman plus additional representatives based on size.
    • Diverse continental leadership team provides coordination of Region Building Teams
  • Structure Option D: 2.1
    • Adjust the current system of Delegates to increase effectiveness. No need for additional changes.
      • Delegates
      • Regional Family Chairmen replace Evangelist Service Team
      • Catalyst Team selected by Regional Family Chairmen

Finances Task Force Proposals

  • Global Funding ProposalA global financial reserve will be established, including the creation of a nonprofit corporation to hold the bank  account(s) and a governing board to oversee the collection, management and disbursement of money. This would include funding for fellowship wide entities like Disciples Today and ICOC HotNews.
  • Regional Funding Proposal: Each regional family of churches would be responsible for their own budget, paying for travel costs of regional representatives as well as the cost of desired regional and global programs.
  • Status Quo Funding: The current approach to funding international needs: No global or regional funds or reserves will be kept. Churches and mission societies can consider building reserves.

Communications Task Force Icon Proposal

The ICOC Icon Contest resulted in 108 unique submissions from 55 people in 20 countries. These five were selected by the Communications Task Force, Communications Service Team, Campus Service Team and the Regional Communications Directors.

Please vote for one design that would be represented in all ICOC logos of any language.

Selection Principles: 

  • Uniqueness
  • Globally applicable
  • Reflect our beliefs and not look corporate: Disciples of Jesus. Unified. Diversified. Global family. Mission.
  • Represent the future of our movement