Last week leaders from around the world gathered in San Diego, California to pray, plan and progress in knowing God and making him known around the world. Here are some brief notes I jotted down to share. It was awesome! The fellowship and unity was wonderful. Tremendous plans and proposals were announced. A new family of churches was introduced from French-speaking Central Africa

  • Our 700 churches are divided into 33 families of churches.
  • Each family of churches is led by a Regional Family Chair couple.
  • These 33 families of churches sent 150 delegates to the global “Delegates Meeting” in San Diego, Wednesday through Friday, October 7-11
  • Last year the 33 Regional Chair Couples chose a Catalyst Team, whose task it is to organize the meeting and spur our fellowship forward.
  • The Catalyst Team set up six “Task Forces” to prepare proposals and plans for the delegates to approve.


The Catalyst Team met all day Monday to work on last-minute details for the meeting.


The Catalyst Team met with the 33 RegionalFamily Chair couples on Tuesday. We discussed…

  • The pairing of RFC couples for growth and discipling.
  • Future conferences
  • Disciples Today (Roger Lamb is retiring)
  • HOPEww (New CEO search)
  • Upcoming 2020 World Discipleship Summit in Orlando

On Tuesday night, Task Forces and Service Teams met together to plan and pray.


The Catalyst Team concluded discussions with the Regional Family Chairs

The Delegates Meeting began. Each TaskForce presented their plan for progress. Highlights included:

  • Women – Excited about launching the new website and worldwide webinars
  • Next Gens – The beginning of Next Gens delegates and more women into our worldwide delegate structure.
  • Communication – The first Global Communication Conference in Orlando in 2020. The immediate goal is an explosion of “Online Evangelism”
  • Church Health and Growth – Promoting the Health of ministers and the health of congregations.
  • Unity – The 2020 Unity Challenge: to work out any and all relational issues before we gather in Orlando
  • Global Missions – Coordination of our Mission Societies. Counting up to 1000 churches, and counting down the countries that still need a church.


Thursday included a “Church BuildersWorkshop” taught by brothers and sisters from around the world. The evening was free for fellowship.


On Friday we closed out the conference with worship, summarizing our plans, announcements, and a HOPEww update.

2020 World Discipleship Summit:

  • Almost 12,000 already registered!
  • Donations to help third-world disciples attend
  • Programs for children and special needs
  • for all info, registration, and questions

The Catalyst Team met to review the week.