On behalf of the ICOC Women’s Service Team, we invite all sisters around the world to celebrate International Women’s Day by joining in a global time of fasting, prayer, and action. If you’d like to see the world become #betterforgod in any way…if you have ever felt touched by God’s loving kindness…join us in a day of fasting and prayer on March 7th, and let’s put before God in faith something (or a whole list of things!) that we’d like to see become #betterforgod this year, starting with our own minds and hearts and deeds, since those are the things with God’s strength we know have power to change. We hope that on March 8, we can all take a step of faith in some concrete way to be even #betterforgod! We invite you to post any photos you may take of yourselves or the women in your group, praying, fasting, sharing, serving, in connection with International Women’s Day or any events you may have here in the next few weeks or so on social networks with this hashtag: #betterforgod. Then we will all be able to search that hashtag and see pictures from our sisters around the world in connection with this event. 2 Peter 1:3-10 is a great passage to meditate on as you fast, pray and act.