Are you a pioneer looking to build on the frontier of God’s kingdom? Then, please consider this opportunity on the Oregon mission field.

The Vision

In 2015, Oregon only had two churches in our fellowship. A young mission team came to Eugene, OR to advance the Kingdom. What started in one living room with a few unschooled, ordinary strangers grew to four churches within five years, and most who were willing had opportunities to experience paid ministry on several levels. God blessed many of the singles in multiple ways who gave up everything to start a new church from scratch. Best friends were made, team members were transformed, many got married, and now even a few have had children here! Our established yet small churches would like to empower the next generation by providing the same opportunities: free housing and advanced Biblical training for a new team of interns, who can transition into paid ministry in Eugene, the northwest region, or return home more equipped and richer for the experience.

The Need

It’s time to repeat the mission team process with a new cohort of interns, who can revitalize and strengthen the foundation that’s been laid. In the PNW, when asked their religious identification, more people answer “none” than any other region in the US. Who will God use to show this region His love? Do you have a pioneering spirit to build family in one of the most unchurched areas of the US?

Discover who you can become in following Jesus into this mission field, where you will be equipped with advanced biblical training and relational discipleship both locally and regionally. If you are willing to learn, make friends and build family, then God can use you in incredible ways to further his Kingdom with like-minded disciples on this relaunch.

To start the conversation about joining the 2022 Eugene relaunch, visit our website to read and learn about other missionary testimonies and the work that’s already been started. You can also send an email to