After much anticipation, over 180 audio and video lessons from the 2022 World Discipleship Summit are now publicly available. The WDS2022 in Orlando was an incredible gathering for our fellowship, with multiple unique conferences to meet a wide variety of needs. Find audio and video playlists for each conference below. Please share these with your churches and friends so that these lessons may be a blessing to many around the world.

International Campus Ministry Conference:

ICMC Audio | ICMC Video

International Singles Conference:

ISC Audio | ISC Video

International Leadership Conference:

ILC Audio | ILC Video

Families Conference:

Includes Marriage, Parenting, Teen, Exceptional Families and Forever Families tracks

Families Conference Audio | Families Conference Video

Forever Faithful Conference:

Forever Faithful Audio | Forever Faithful Video

Vision Renovada:

Vision Renovada

Stronger & Communication tracks:

Stronger & Communication Audio | Stronger & Communication Video

Please contact us at with any questions or corrections on these lessons. Many thanks to AV Matters, David Witt, Marshall Mead and the Orlando Church of Christ for their tireless work in making the conference material accessible.