The Teleios Society is excited to announce its next conference to promote holistic Christian Spirituality by engaging in a vital conversation that is needed in the church today. The 2023 conference theme will be “Gen Z: The Ongoing Conversation.” We have gathered thought leaders from different disciplines and different faith traditions to approach this discussion from many lenses, including cultural intelligence, current sociological research, family studies, adolescent development, psychology, youth ministry, and spirituality studies.

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Our hope is to engage thought leaders, scholars, church leaders, and youth and family ministers as we learn together how to better include and empower Gen Z in our faith communities. This conference will be primarily held in plenary sessions to engage this conversation altogether, with the exception of one breakout session which will address some specific needs.

Registration is open now for both online attendance and in-person attendance. The in-person portion of the event will take place at Oklahoma Christian University in Oklahoma City, OK. See the website’s FAQ page for details on recommended airports and hotels:

Our current confirmed speakers and general themes:

David Kinnaman (Barna Group): Gen Z and Resilient Discipleship
Dudley Chancey, Ph.D. (Oklahoma Christian University): Gen Z and The Role of Family
Kyle Spears (Trauma Counselor): Gen Z and The Role of Community
Amy McLaughlin-Sheasby, Ph.D. (Abilene Christian University): Gen Z and Trauma-Informed Formation
David Fraze, DMin (Lubbock Christian University): Gen Z and Youth Ministry
Ryan Erbe, Ph.D. (Westpoint): Gen Z and Meditation
David Pocta, Ph.D. (Oblate School of Theology): Gen Z and Faith Deconstruction
Hannah DeSouza, Harvard Divinity Student: Gen Z from a Millenial’s Perspective
Dan Rodriguez, Ph.D. (Pepperdine University): Gen Z and Cultural Intelligence
Nadine Templer (HOPE worldwide ): Gen Z and Their View of the Gospel