How can missionary work continue when the whole world is experiencing COVID-19? How can we keep spreading the gospel when people are not allowed to meet up and are fearful of contacting each other?

The Family & Youth sector of the Hong Kong Church of Christ brings you exciting news.

During the pandemic, a sister Beverly learned through Instagram that her former classmate, Harriet, was seriously ill. Beverly sent Harriet a message to invite her to study the Bible. Amazingly, Harriet, who had always been indifferent to the church, agreed to study the Bible online during her cancer treatment of cancer. Harriet was baptized three months later!

Sector leaders Jeffrey and Joan Chan encouraged the brothers and sisters to open their houses to serve and build relationships through playing online games via Zoom and Discord. The church also studied the Bible with people online.

We have witnessed 21 baptisms in the past three years, 12 of whom are kingdom kids.

Many family members of disciples, old classmates, old friends, and colleagues were baptized, too. The pandemic has limited us with social distancing, but it cannot restrict the zeal within us.

To God be the glory!