Over 4,000 disciples from the New England and New York family of churches met in Providence, Rhode Island last weekend for the inspiring Northeast Christian Conference “THRIVE.” Sixteen churches were represented in this historic gathering.

“Forme, the most exciting aspect of the weekend was experiencing the two families of churches getting together to worship and celebrate,” said Steve Shoff, conference organizer and evangelist of the Garden State Church. “It had been almost 20 years since we met like this!”

The conference kicked off on Friday night with a THRIVE Team Builders Workshop for small group leaders. Over 1,000 attended with standing room only. On Saturday, nearly40 classes were offered on topics including parenting, personal finance, social justice, and grief. Keynote lessons focused on important elements needed to spiritually thrive in our walk with God.

“I really saw how God used the 10 keynote speakers and the 78 class teachers to meet people’s needs and help us all draw closer to God and one another. To all of them I say thankyou! It was an amazing time together,” said Tom Caswell, evangelist of the Worcester County Church of Christ.

Allthe classes and keynote lessons, along with worship sessions, special performances and presentations are available at thrivenecc.com. Audio can also be accessed via Spotify, Apple and Google Podcasts, and Anchor.

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