God has been molding the Kingdom powerfully for his church in Bend, Oregon! Since the announcement of the upcoming June 2019 Bend Church planting, God has already assembled a spiritual shepherding couple, a special missions contribution of over $30,000, and a dream team of over a dozen disciples from all over the nation. With the official planting just eight months away, we are having monthly house church services with the disciples who have already moved there. We have also been building momentum by starting Bend’s Ministry Media Program , for which we are still accepting future interns! Thus far, we have five disciples committed to moving to Bend to join this media collective and use our talents for God’s glory. We’ve produced our first short film “A Bag of Secrets” based off of the children’s book by Kingdom author Richard Hackett. “A Bag of Secrets” was produced specifically for parents and families who want to protect the innocence of our children, and to free them from the guilt of past abuse. It is about how other people’s actions can force children to carry a heavy bag of unwanted secrets around with them their whole lives; secrets that weigh them down and steal their joy and happiness. The story is meant as a tool to help open the floodgates of discussion and aid in their healing.

Do you have a Christian based script or a creative concept for building the Kingdom or reaching the lost? We are looking for ideas to collaborate on and produce! Please send us an email with your idea, and we can discuss the possibility of bringing it to life as a short film in 2019! Send submissions to: bendicoc1@gmail.com. Be sure to stay up to date with what God is doing in Bend by following us on Instagram and Facebook.