Dan Zachary, a scientist, biblical apologist, and member of the Northern Virginia Church of Christ, recently published a new book on Christian apologetics that looks at the intersection of science and faith. A Leap in Science and a Step of Faith: Seeking God for the Scientifically Curious presents a multifaceted view on creation and offers compelling evidence for the historicity of the biblical texts and the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. This book is targeted at high school teens and adults, both Christian and non-Christian.


A Leap in Science and a Step of Faith by Daniel Zachary is a scientist’s attempt to take a fresh look at where science and Christianity intersect. I would say that Daniel succeeds greatly in his purpose here. He asks us to take a new look at questions such as the nature of reality, the role of chance, and the relationship between scientific and biblical views of the world. This book will be helpful to the nonscientist who wants to understand how a person who begins with evidence to form theories about reality can come to faith in the Bible as the inspired Word of God. – Dr. John Oakes

For many, the Bible is seen through the lens of science, and this can undermine its true purpose. A Leap in Science and a Step of Faith takes a different approach, highlighting science for what it does so well—revealing the amazing facts about the universe. These facts ultimately show that it takes a lot of faith to believe that we are here by pure chance. With a similar fact-seeking approach, Dan Zachary highlights numerous fascinating aspects of the Bible, exploring the evidence for its validity and how both testaments point to its central figure, Jesus Christ. – Dr. Douglas Jacoby

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