Early this December, a young single named Eric was baptized in the Hong Kong Church of Christ. Eric graduated from The University of Hong Kong (HKU) Food and Nutritional Sciences four years ago, and was invited by Jim (our brother) to join the voluntary service organized by NT Campus Sector’s Passion Love Volunteer Group. He then started studying the Bible, but later the study was suspended. After four years, Eric faced several life and death moments in 2019. In March his father suddenly passed away due to an acute disease. Eric had been losing weight since then. Three months later, his family discovered that his mental condition was becoming worse, and so decided to send him to hospital for inspection. He was diagnosed that his left brain was infected by a virus and he needed to receive an emergent brain surgery. In total, he received the surgery twice. The doctor told his family it was possible that Eric might lose his speech and cognitive ability, and the surgery was even life-threatening. Eventually, the surgery was a success. Though his head was pinned with 20 iron pins, Eric was very grateful that he could still talk. Definitely nothing should be taken for granted. At the edge of life and death, Eric reflected on his life. He tried to pursue different religions in hopes of seeking answers to life questions, but the sense of peace he experienced was merely a sensational feeling. Jim’s persistent love and care to Eric during the past four years made him more determined to study the Bible.

Sadly, Eric’s uncle passed away due to stroke. Life is unpredictable. It is out of our control. Eric understands everything is held by God. All he needs to do is to place his trust on him. He is also greatly inspired by brothers and sisters in church who remain faithful to God for many years. During repentance, Eric wrote letters to his passed-away father. At first he was filled with regrets, but gradually he realized the wonderful blessings God has given to him and his father. The thought of regrets is changed to gratitude. This year Eric experienced three deaths and three birth of life (his two sisters gave birth to children, and his own baptism). He deeply experiences the preciousness of life and God’s amazing grace. He understands life is still full of numerous hurdles, but he’s grateful that he has God to walk with. ” We know that we have passed from death to life, because we love our brothers. Anyone who does not love remains in death ” – 1 John 3:14.