The congregation in Neiva is the result of what God has done in the hearts of different brothers who, over the years, have moved there and begun the work of evangelization in that city and in nearby towns.

The leadership was assumed by our brother Jimmy Rendon. He and his family moved to Neiva with the missionary dream in their hearts. He works full time serving in the congregation as a volunteer and we want to share with you what a week of service is like.

Neiva is the capital of the department of Huila and is located 194 miles from Bogotá (capital of Colombia). In the south of Neiva there are three towns where the missionary work has been extended: Algeciras (36 miles from Neiva), Altamira (89 miles from Neiva) and Pitalito (118 miles from Neiva). This is the influence area of the congregation.

From Monday to Thursday Jimmy spends time with brothers talking about leadership, teaching and preaching. The other brothers visit sick people in hospitals or in their homes. On Friday he begins his trip to Pitalito (118 miles from Neiva) where they do Bible studies and discipleship time and at night they meet in a small group and have their “family service.” Very late at night, Jimmy heads back home, arriving in Neiva about 1:00 am.

On Saturday morning he spends time with the group of teenagers (Ministry of Timothy) encouraging them to know Jesus our Lord. At 4:00 pm, he travels to Algeciras for his weekend preaching and returns home once the service is over.

Sunday is the day of Sunday service in Neiva and sometimes, besides preaching, there are Bible studies. In all of this service work he counts on his family support.

The congregation in Neiva has been blessed in the last few years with conversions of new members and the consolidation of groups of brothers in Algeciras and Pitalito. Our brothers have taken up the challenge of evangelism in their department and worked hard to teach the Scriptures.

I pray that God will continue to sustain, encourage and show his power in the small congregations like those we found in Huila.