In 2018, four principal leaders of Africa’s ICOC campus ministries agreed to a periodic gathering of relevant ministry information from all blocs of the African continent for the purpose of data sharing and archiving. The result of this undertaking gave birth to the first edition of Africa Campus Annual™ (ACA), the official electronic news magazine for the African campus ministries. This experimental project, containing 31 full color pages showcasing news from eight campus ministries, was well received across the continent and beyond.

Encouraged by the reception of the first edition, this next issue is more robust, containing a total of 102 full color pages with some bilingual elements and news from more than 30 campus ministries, a huge leap from our debut edition. We’re super grateful to God for all he is doing on the continent and for all the young men and women that have made themselves available to be used by God.

Free and unrestricted download of this magazine is available using this Google drive link. We welcome comments and feedbacks (see info on page 4).