Our little church planting in Auburn/Tuskegee (ATCC) is making a big impact (13 baptisms in 2017). Dozens of students at the HBCU campus of Tuskegee University have been baptized in the last four years. This multi-racial church is a light to all of Alabama and the Deep South. Brian Dickerson was baptized in the Chattahoochee River on Wednesday, March 22. Brian is a US Army officer attending captain school at Fort Benning. He is married, and his wife’s name is Jessica. A West Point graduate from Ashland, Virginia, Brian was previously stationed in Fairbanks, Alaska. After attending many “rock and roll” churches and being dissatisfied, one of Brian’s soldiers invited him to the Great Land Christian Church Fairbanks . Brian and his wife attended many functions of the church and built relationships with the disciples there. He studied with the brothers, but transferred to Fort Benning before he was ready to make a commitment. Once in Georgia, Brian connected with disciples at the ATCC. He started getting with Ken Watson to discuss questions he had about the Bible. As these were resolved, he took it to the next level, and Travis Hawkins and Mike Gross joined the studies. Brian grew in his convictions and in his faith that God would enable him to be the disciple he wanted to be. “I am so impressed with Brian’s desire to understand who God really is and not simply be satisfied with a religion that just checks the boxes,” said Ken. “Brian doesn’t quit until he finds truth and I just love that quality about him.” Brian has been a great encouragement to the ATCC, and especially to the small Columbus ministry. We know he will do great things for God at his next duty station. At this point it looks like he and his wife (who is also an army officer and still in Fairbanks) will transfer to North Carolina. “Thank you to the congregation in Fairbanks and the ATCC for bringing my heart to God,” said Brian. “I look forward to growing in Christ with my brothers and sisters and making a positive difference in the lives of those still searching.”