A year and a half ago in the beginning of 2018 we received what we believed was God’s call to move to Asheville, NC to lead a small church. My wife, two young boys, and I moved while I battled through a year-long sickness, embarking on a journey that would take us into the heart of not only the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina, but into the heart of a beautiful group of disciples to see the gospel of Jesus spread and God’s love bring revival to the community.

The Asheville Church has been an amazing family to be a part of as we have been so warmly welcomed, embraced, and supported in our leadership. We feel the blessing of God through the disciples in Asheville and we are excited and encouraged by all that God is doing in and through the church as we grow, serve, love, and make disciples. Since 2018 we have seen the church on mission as God has allowed us to be a part of 15 baptisms and restorations, as well as surpassing our $15k missions goal this year by giving over $22k for gospel work locally and around the world!

Our college and young professional ministry (E.P.I.C. – Everyday People Imitating Christ) has grown a great deal both in number and maturity as they are living for God and being light and salt to their peers around them. It is a marvel to watch as young men and women stand with Jesus in spite of being in the midst of a harsh, and many times anti-Christian, cultural environment.

Micro Church Initiative

In 2020 we are set to launch what we are calling our “micro church” initiative where we are starting local geographic communities of disciples that are microcosms of the larger church. These micro churches are set to serve, love, and make disciples throughout the communities surrounding Asheville in the Western mountains of NC. We want to bring church to people, and not just bring people to church. We are training and equipping disciples to lead micro churches and be disciple makers who impact their communities. We hope to see these initial few micro churches grow into dozens as they make disciples and are focused on mission and maturity, bringing the gospel of Jesus and the kingdom of God to the communities around them.

Conspiring for a Better World

This year we are excited to be partnering with Living Water International to help provide clean water, and the living water of Jesus, to those that don’t have it around the world. We are conspiring against the consumerism and selfishness in our culture, as well as our own sinful nature, in order to give to those in need and show the love and generosity of God. We aim for the community outside the church to join in our efforts in conspiring to make the world a better place and hope that God would open doors for his glory!

Please keep us and the Asheville Church in your prayers. We are filled with joy as we pray for you and thank God for you and your partnership in the gospel, as he pours out grace to us through your lives. We thank you for your love and support and may God carry out the good work he has started in each of us unto completions until the day of Christ Jesus!