The Bangalore Church of Christ celebrated its 30th anniversary in a unique manner in 2018.

In the past, a single event would be organized and hosted to mark and celebrate a special anniversary. But the 30th year was to be different. It was a year-long celebration marked with various special events and visits. These visits were of leaders who had either led or had been part of the mission work in Bangalore.

The church crossed 1,400 in its membership for the first time in its 30 years and that was another milestone! As part of the celebrations, the church came together multiple times to worship together. Past missionaries visited the church during such times and encouraged us through fellowship and teaching.

During those visits, many of the brothers and sisters, who had been part of the church for over 25 years, came together for special fellowship and encouraged one another. They also discussed the importance of passing on the baton to the next generation through the youth and family ministry.

The highlight of the 30th year celebration was a special evening for the entire church held in the month of April. This was aptly titled “The Thanks giving Service.” It was a very moving evening. The entire church came together to the venue, where the seating arrangements looked more like a banquet, giving everyone a glimpse of what it would be in the great banquet in heaven. Every brother and sister had the opportunity to share their gratitude towards God in front of everyone. Many were moved to tears as they shared.

A very special plan was put in motion during this year. Bangalore is one of 30 districts in the state of Karnataka in India. Presently we have churches in nine of those districts. The dream of brothers and sisters in Bangalore is to have a church in all these 30 districts. This was called the Karnataka Evangelization Plan. We fondly call these as the 30-30 plan: 30 districts covered within the year 2030. It begins with a mission plantation to a district called Gulbarga (or recently renamed as Kalburgi).

As the Bangalore church celebrates thirty years, we are now set to move forward with more dreams than in the past. Keep us in your prayers brothers and sisters!