As we reflect on all that God has done in 2020, despite the global pandemic, we praise him for the miracles we have seen. 2020 was an exceptional year for the Beam Missions Foundation. We added two new schools of missions to our BMF family, for a total of 12 schools around the world. We piloted and are expanding on the BMF Connect class that brings together students from all of our schools and nations to learn and collaborate together. As we look to the future of BMF and to the vision we have to train the next generation of leaders, we invite you to join us.

Tom Beam had a vision for the future of high impact missions. He wanted to make a difference and give as many people as possible a chance to know the gospel. In this spirit, the 12 schools of missions have been established to train and equip the next generation. Graduates have been sent to cities and countries to lead and plant churches. With your help we can ensure that other schools are established and more young people can be trained and fulfill their dreams of serving God’s people all over the world.

The Beam Missions Foundation is committed to the pursuit of Tom Beam’s passion for world missions. We believe that the key path to this is to focus exclusively on leadership development as the foundation for high impact missions. We have seen the fruit of this mission through the global network of schools that have been established. These schools are currently training over 240 students with more than 140 graduates that are now serving in various ministries. The BMF goal and vision is to support 20 schools by the year 2025. This would allow us to have 100 leaders on staff per year by 2025!

We invite you to reach out, visit our website, and discover more about the great work being done through each of our schools. Get to know our world-changing students and graduates. Find out how you can make a donation today that will support the leaders of tomorrow.