We are thrilled to announce the very first Beloved and Dignified Women’s Conference, which will take place online on October 6-7, 2023. The conference is open for registration now, but spaces are limited.

As women, many of us have experienced suffering that we did not choose. Biblically, “sheol” in Hebrew refers to the lowest valley or the place “under the mountains,” where hope can seem out of reach (see Job 24:8). These situations can lead to a yearning for the next life. It can be challenging to move beyond survival in these painful times, and finding a safe community that understands can be difficult.

Join us as we learn how to support each other through the sheols of life. You will leave the conference better equipped to:

  • See yourself as God sees you.
  • Celebrate your beloved status.
  • Show compassion for yourself and others.
  • Implement practical strategies based on what you learn.

How did this conference come to be?

This grassroots conference is the first of its kind! Many of the women involved have been involved in support groups in the past as they went through their own “hell.” These groups proved highly beneficial, as the participants learned together about God’s nature, and how to support themselves and each other. The hope is that this two-day conference will provide an environment similar to those support groups; affirming and safe for all participants, and give each woman tools she can use to move forward.

Who is this conference for?

Women of all ages are welcome to attend, whether you are going through your own “hell” or want to offer support to someone else who is. 

I am a man, but I’d like to attend. Is that possible?

Sorry, no. This conference is only for women.

What can I expect?

Each speaker will share their own story, offer what did and didn’t help, and share how they found God in the pain. Since these topics will be triggering, each session will give guidelines for safety, including confidentiality.

Who will be speaking?

We have several women in mind and are working on finalizing our speaker roster now! We will share our speaker lineup soon.

Will the sessions be recorded?

Sorry, no. This conference is unique in that the topics discussed will be more sensitive than most conferences. Much of what will be shared will be highly personal, from both the speakers and the participants. For that reason, this conference, unlike most others, will not be recorded. We also kindly ask that the participants respect the privacy of our participants and speakers, and not record to their own local devices with third-party software.

Is there a limit to the number of people who can attend? 

As this is our first year, we are starting small. Attendance will be limited to 500 participants. Registrations are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Will the registration fee stay the same up to the conference? 

Yes! As long as tickets are available, registration will be only $40 per device.

I have a limited budget, or I am in a nation with a developing economy. Is there a discounted registration fee available?

No. The registration fee is the same for all attendees. However, it is per device, not per person. One option would be to get a few people together and split the registration fee for a watch party! The sessions will be posted in advance, so you can decide together which ones you would like to watch as a group.

I would love to attend, but the dates aren’t good for me. Will there be another opportunity to attend? 

We hope so! This is our first attempt at hosting this conference. If there is enough interest, we are hoping to make this an annual event. 

This sounds amazing. I’d like to help!

WONDERFUL! There are a few ways you can support the conference:

  • Pray! Prayer is vital to the success of this event. Please, pray for all involved…for the speakers, those attending, and those overseeing the technical aspects of the conference.
  • Share the news about this conference. Whether by text, social feeds, through your church channels, or just old-fashioned word-of-mouth, please do help us reach those that might be helped by attending Beloved and Dignified.
  • Suggest speakers for future conferences. While we have our roster pretty much in place this year, we would welcome suggestions for future conferences. You can send those via the email address on our website.

We hope you will join us! Visit our website for more information and to register: