Women around the world are invited to attend the first-ever Beloved & Dignified online women’s conference set for October 6-7. The lineup of speakers and a detailed schedule are now available, and registration is open.

The keynote messages will be presented by Jennifer Konzen, Jessy Tohme, and BJ Foster. Some of the amazing women who will join them as speakers include Kim Pullen, Nadia Kola, Vera Chimbanda, Elena Carrillo, Tammy Fleming, Claudette Lusan, and many others.

This unique conference is not sponsored by any one church In the ICOC but rather by a group of women across four different continents, who facilitate or participate in various support groups within their communities.

Many women have been touched by suffering not of their own choosing. Biblically, “hell” (“sheol” in Hebrew) can be used to designate the lowest valley, the place “under the mountains” where hope seems hidden from view (see Job 24:8). These kinds of situations stir a longing for the next life. In the pain, moving beyond survival is difficult, and finding a safe circle that understands isn’t always easy.

Here are a few of many classes offered (see the website for more detailed descriptions):

  • Relax, Nothing is Under Control – Yung Gore and Glorimar Rivera
  • The Shock and Shards of Divorce: Waiting on God While Grieving the Death of Marriage – Cherise Montgomery and Bonnie Mattson
  • Messy Worship: Reconciling Childhood Abandonment with the Truth of God – Lisa Roberson and Grace Scheffler
  • Living with Life-Threatening Illness: Cast Down But Not Conquered – Marcia Lamb
  • Why Me, Why Now? – Candy Kizer and Karen Nicholson

As we learn better how to help one another as we go through the sheols of life, you’ll leave better equipped to:

  • See yourself as God sees you
  • Celebrate your beloved status
  • Show compassion to yourself and others
  • Practically implement what you learn

View the full lineup of speakers and detailed schedule on the website. Meet the planning team in the video below and register at belovedanddignified.com.