The following video is a compilation of pictures from the 2018 Berlin Airlift Campus Ministry Exchange program. This program was the vision of the late Scott Green and his wife, Lynne, in a quest to send US students to European universities to share the gospel.

With the Greens having connections in Germany and in Seattle, the Seattle Church was able to send three US students from Seattle to build up the campus ministry and strengthen the church in Berlin. The students trained for a month in Seattle and for five weeks they shared their faith in Berlin. They met several students who were open to talking about Christianity.

This was so encouraging because Berlin, like other campuses in Europe, has a strong atheist bent. Nevertheless, with the help of students in Berlin, the US students shared their faith and there are a few students still studying the Bible as a result.

The campaign has created a vision for both churches to work together to help one another and to send students to Seattle and Berlin for training in full-time ministry. We are excited to see what God does in the years to come with the Airlift program.