During the last three years, the Boston Church of Christ has seen over 500 disciples baptized or restored to the faith. In 2018, 174 souls were added, meaning that almost every other day someone made Jesus Lord of their lives in the Boston area. It has been so inspiring to see people of all walks of life, ages, stages of lives, and of many heritages and cultures fall in love with God and decide to live to love and serve him.

Many came to God on their deathbeds, while others decided to start their walk with him in their teenage years. We have seen couples come to God and restore their marriage and family. It has been encouraging to see many regions of the church have a resurgence of millennials and singles finding God and purpose in their lives. The fall of 2018 was one of the best that our downtown campus ministry has had, growing in faith, focus, and fruit. Our Spanish ministries grew from one region to two and saw their prayers answered with more than 40 individuals being baptized and many family members coming back to God this year.

We are grateful to God for turning so many hearts to him. We believe the addition of these children of God to his body will help strengthen and invigorate the congregation to be able to help many more come to know the love and grace of God. In all this, to God be the glory!

Video by Alberto Machuca