Our fellowship of churches has a rich history of original music that is still performed across the world in our Sunday services. These songs serve as expressions of a shared culture that unites our congregations in praise of God and his kingdom. Early in 2020, a common vision arose within our Broward Church worship team to write original music that would glorify God and inspire a new generation to lift up their voice in worship. God has blessed this effort and now we are in the process of releasing our first collection of songs as Broward Worship.

“Being in the writing room for these songs that Broward Worship is releasing has helped me to see that praise is the perfect posture for every season of life,” said Noelle Saunders, who sings with the worship team and serves on the Broward Church Media Team. “Whether you’re on the mountaintops or simply trying to cope during a worldwide pandemic, turning to God is our only hope. These songs were intentionally crafted to unplug us from the noise of this world and instead, lift our eyes heavenward – plugging into praise – the praise that God deserves. I hope these songs will do for others what they’ve done for me.”

Music ministry is at the heart of our faith. It speaks to our souls, encourages and edifies us, and reminds us of God’s character and the promise of heaven to come. Over the next few years, under the umbrella of Broward Worship, we hope to create a community within our churches where artists can collaborate on original pieces of music— music that our churches would love to sing to God.

We hope you check out Broward Worship’s first set of songs, out now on all streaming platforms and videos on YouTube.