In 2016 the church of Buenos Aires planted a church in the province of San Luis. The church has eight disciples, and the brothers and sisters have remained faithful since the moment of the planting. This summer in Argentina, a group of 16 campus students from Buenos Aires, led by the elder and evangelist, decided to sacrifice a month of their summer vacation to support and evangelize the church in San Luis.

Throughout the whole month of February, the brothers and sisters went out and shared their faith every single day. Their main focus was evangelizing the main campus and plaza where families and students go. As soon as there was a visitor interested in a Bible talk they would immediately commence the discussion. They wouldn’t leave any of the places until they had at least one visitor for a Bible talk. They had Bible studies with the daughters of disciples, neighbors, and visitors. The disciples worked hard and earnestly all with faith.

At the end of the month, 60 brothers and sisters from Buenos Aires went to San Luis to help evangelize for the weekend. In addition, a special Sunday service was the main event to invite visitors. On the day of the service, there were more than 100 in attendance. To finish things off the best way, there were four baptisms the day before the service.