God continues to work powerfully in our campuses around the world. Our campus movement saw several key victories this year…

  • The North American ICMC. Chicago hosted the largest assembly of campus disciples in our history (Marty Fuqua confirmed this).  The Chicago attendance was roughly 2100 students, up from 1450 just two years ago in Baton Rouge.  Chris and Meegan Zillman did a fantastic job directing the conference.
  • One highlight was the Day of Service.  HOPEww organized a day of cleaning up and helping in Englewood, Illinois.  The students were up and on the bus by 6:30am and the mayor and city aldermen came out to thank the students.
  • Our total North American campus disciples now number approximately 3000.  We have in fact doubled in North America in the last 3 years, in spite of many students graduating.
  • We expect to see conference attendance jump closer to 3000 at the two conferences next year when the ICMC North America splits between Denver in the west and Athens, Georgia, in the east.
  • All of this is breathtaking when you remember that our attendance in 2005 was only 300 in San Antonio.
  • We anticipate hundreds of these students wanting to enter the ministry full-time over the next few years.  Churches who are able to train these students up for the ministry will see huge growth as the students marry, enter the job market, become Bible Talk leaders with the married ministry, and enter the full time ministry.
  • Academic Training.  In light of the huge harvest of campus souls, we need to discuss the academic training we will offer these young ministers in the years to come.  While ministry training should be done via discipling in the church, everyone agrees that academic training is useful and helpful.
  • We are sending our proposal for the Academic Training of young ministers in our churches to the other Service Teams.  We know that there are many ideas floating around out there, and we appreciate the Teachers Service Team and their thoughts.  We are simply trying to advance the discussion with our proposal.  Our opinion is that we need to act.
  • The One-Year Challenge.  The committee feels that the one-year challenge is an excellent opportunity to both mature the young disciples, as well as help local, domestic, and international mission points.  (Thanks  to Tom Brown for your vision for the OYC!)  Lots of our campus disciples are eager to serve overseas.  The campus committee is in the process of coordinating this.  We have begun to identify mission points that could train and manage the students effectively.  We are going to be asking the Evangelist and Elders committees to give us their advice on overseas churches that could receive and train these young students.  We clearly want to help export this campus revival overseas as much as possible.
  • Sub-Committees set up.   In order to help us reach some of these goals, sub-committees were set up to tackle the separate challenges we are facing.
  • The Domestic OYC Sub-Committee will handle our USA and Canada one-year challenges.  They will work to find and approve sites, and to develop a screening process.  Future plantings like West Virginia, Portland Maine, or College Station Texas were discussed as places where 6 or 8 students from across the country could help during the first year.  Students are currently serving in Nevada and Utah.  Troy & Kim Criss will chair the sub-committee.  Tom & Kelly Brown will co-chair;  Vince Hawkins, and Alex & Danielle Whitaker will help.
  • The International OYC Sub-committee in the same way will handle the international one-year challenges.  They will work to find and approve sites, and to develop a screening process.  South Africa and Turkey are currently soliciting students.  We anticipate much good news from these first few sites.  Future potential sites that we envisioned include Milan, Stockholm, India, Singapore, London and Birmingham, Barbados, Kiev, and Novosibirsk.  We will seek advice from the evangelists and elders in Miami.   Steve Stevenson will chair the sub-committee.  Mike and AB Taliaferro, and Forest and Mandy Versele will help.
  • The Directory Sub-Committee will be created to develop a directory of all our campus ministries around the world.  Since over half our students are in North America, we divided it into Domestic and International sub-groups.  Chris Zillman(Chairman) and Marty & Daonna Wilkinson will work on a North American directory.  George Irungu, Alexey Kravets, and Ariel Lastrado, will work on the international directory.
  • The Directory Committees will keep an email/phone/web site contact list, a list of campuses where we are present, and the number of disciples.  The directory list will help us target future campuses as well.  They will also tell us where we do NOT have ministries, helping us to get there.
  • Kevin and Elizabeth Thompson will be helping us to write up what qualities we require for a domestic or international ministry to qualify as a one-year challenge site.
  • New Chairman: Mike Taliaferro was requested to serve again as chairman. He declined due to his responsibilities as Director of the 2012 World Discipleship Summit. The Campus Service Team recommended Kevin Miller of Boston who was elected by the Delegates as the new Chairman.
  • Other odds and ends…
  • We hope to produce a video explaining the one year challenge
  • Use www.HereAmISendMe.net to communicate locations and explain the process.
  • Offer training each year for one week before the ICMC in order to go on the one-year challenge.
  • Send them out 2X2.
  • Have the One-Year Challengers stand on the stage and have a send off each year, as well as a welcome home for those finishing their challenge year.

Finally we await news from our international campus ministry sites.  Committee members will be following up with news and photos from the following possible 2010 sites…

  • Barbados
  • Dominican Republic
  • Kiev:  115 participants.
  • Nairobi   August 19-21
  • Lagos     August
  • Abidjan  August     (412 Students expected)
  • Johannesburg.
  • Australia
  • London
  • Berlin 55 attended.  May 6-9.
  • Budapest
  • Norway
  • Beirut   60 attended.
  • Mexico
  • Guatemala City  August 21-22.
  • Philippines.  August 21.
  • Japan/Korea
  • Indonesia, Malaysia?
  • India October 1-3   800 expected
  • Siberia:  95 students in May.
  • China: Hong Kong sent people to a mainland meeting.
  • Brasilia
  • Chile

The Campus Committee Members

Mike & Anne-Brigitte Taliaferro      San Antonio, USA
Tom & Kelly Brown                       Atlanta, USA
Alex & Danielle Whitaker              Seattle, USA
Ariel Lastrado                              Manila, Philippines
Christopher & Meegan Zillman      Chicago, USA
Forest & Mandy Versele                Roanoke, USA
George & Anne Irungu                 Nairobi, Kenya
Kevin & Melissa Miller                   Boston, USA
Kevin & Elizabeth Thompson         Athens, USA
Alexey Kravets                             Kiev, Ukraine
Marty & Daonna Wilkinson            San Antonio, USA
Steve & Carrie Lounsbury             Los Angeles, USA
Steve & Shonda Stevenson           Los Angeles, USA
Troy & Kim Criss                          Gainesville, USA