It has been an incredibly exciting start for the Campus Service Team. I continue to be impressed by the zeal, maturity, and spirituality of my fellow committee members. Not only has it been an inspirational year, but also a time of growth and unity building. Some of the highlights and developments include:

1. The attendance at our International Campus Ministry Conference in New Orleans / Baton Rouge was about 1500. This is 5 times the campus attendance in San Antonio only 36 months earlier.

2. The day of service in New Orleans, expertly organized by HOPEww, allowed 1500 college students to spend a day helping 54 different families in the Lower Ninth Ward to prepare their lot for construction. We received thanks from city, congressional, and state officials.

3. Of the roughly 2100 USA campus disciples, an amazing 1400+ made the trip to Baton Rouge. That’s an amazing 66% participation.

4. The Campus Service Team holds regular conference calls, and good news is posted on IcocHotNews and on and

5. Videos and stories at IcocHotNews and document the incredible growth among our campuses.

6. We are now hosting conference calls where campus ministers from across the country listen in, seek advice about their churches, and share good news.

7. Our plan is to take this revival global. Many ICOC churches are doing exceptionally well around the world. We want to both encourage and stimulate this revival.

8. Our plan for 2009 is to have 15 Campus Conferences around the world. Already we are confirmed in Virginia Beach, Los Angeles, London, India, Santiago, Mexico City, Guatemala, Johannesburg, Lagos, and Nairobi. Six more cities are praying about it. Next year should be awesome.

9. The Campus Service Team held a mini ministers retreat in January of 2007 in Baton Rouge. We plan to host one in Denver in 2008 as well. It should be another little boost to the unity and excitement of the campus ministries in general.

10. Most of all, it has been very encouraging to see all the growth on our campuses. The list of campuses that have doubled and tripled is long. More interns are being hired. God is putting it on the hearts of more people to serve in the full-time ministry. New campus ministries are starting at Auburn, UConn, Clemson, Penn State and others. Praise God for all his blessings.

Please be praying for our campuses. God is bringing about a great time of growth. Let us continue to dream dreams and plan for miracles.

With thanks to all…

Mike Taliaferro
Campus Service Committee