Seeing the need to revive the International Campus Ministry Conference back in 2006, San Antonio resurrected and hosted the event in April of that year.  Coming out of that conference was an informal committee that has spearheaded the cause of campus ministry for the last few years.  When the Unity Plan was adopted by many churches back in 2006 and 2007, this campus committee shifted over to work closely with, and under the authority of, the delegates from around the world.

What does the Campus Service Committee (CSC) do?

  1. The CSC works to promote campus ministry around the world.  Its goal is to encourage, equip, and inspire campus ministers and campus ministries in all our churches.
  2. The CSC coordinates a conference every year, the International Campus Ministry Conference (ICMC), bringing together over 1000 campus disciples for several days of service and messages.  The attendance at this conference has grown from 400 in 2005 to 1000 in 2007.
  3. The CSC also hosts conference calls and small workshops for campus ministers throughout the year.  Ministers came to Baton Rouge in January, and will be meeting again in Baton Rouge in July before our ICMC begins.
  4. The CSC hopes to begin reaching out to campus ministries around the world more and more.  Using web link ups and visits to other nations, members of the CSC are working to inspire students around the world.
  5. The CSC works to inspire and facilitate young men and women to enter the full time ministry.  This is one of our great needs right now as a movement of churches.
  6. The CSC also helps to keep track of where we have ministries, and where we need to plant ministries.

The need for strong campus ministries is both evident and important to our future.  Please be praying for the Campus Service Committee as we seek to serve Jesus and his church around the world.  We want to help our campus disciples to be a strong witness for Him on campuses around the world.