Greetings from London, England! We are excited to announce the planting of Cardiff, Wales in December 2020. Cardiff is the capital and largest city in the country of Wales. Currently our fellowship does not have any churches in the country of Wales and so we are hopeful that God can use this planting to spread the gospel not only to the city of Cardiff, but to the entire country of Wales. Cardiff is home to Cardiff University, Cardiff Metropolitan University, University of Wales, and the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. With English being the predominant language, it is an easier adjustment for those joining from overseas. While Cardiff has a population of approximately 330,000, Wales has a population altogether of approximately 3.1 million so this mission team is of great importance. Those who join will be helping to change a nation.

If you have a heart for the mission, are ready to be challenged spiritually, and feel capable of adjusting to a new culture, then this could be the mission team for you. We have faith that God is going to do great things in Cardiff. We hope you will faithfully consider being part of the team. Please email or if interested.