When it comes to gleaning career insights from God’s word, it’s hard to find a better example, end to end, than Jacob and his professional tenure for his uncle Laban. Found within Genesis chapters 29 through 31, it’s remarkable how modern the parallels of Jacob’s workplace woes to our own. This story has it all – relocation for a new job, highly skilled labor, God’s blessing of abundance for hard work, a boss who doesn’t recognize his employee’s contribution, unfair pay, shrewd negotiation, quitting a job, a non-compete violation (Laban pursues Jacob after he leaves), and much more. In these few pages God reveals the power and importance of having faith through what seemed to be a terribly difficult work environment. Many of us have faced the same challenges as Jacob. Like us, he wanted to provide for his family while honoring God in his profession. And for a lengthy period he upheld his employment contract with a deceitful and manipulative employer. A time came, however, for a change and Jacob stepped out in faith and courage. There were many stages to Jacob’s career journey. And there are many stages to our own. Whether soaring high or struggling along, we know the importance of keeping in step with the Spirit. We desire to serve in our congregation while balancing a thriving career. And the truth is, we can. From October 25th to the 27th we meet in Dallas for our next Christian Professionals Conference. We have an amazing roster of professionals who have experienced the highs and lows, like Jacob, and continue to honor God. Visit our website here to review the program content and get a glimpse of our speaker line-up. The first 300 to register will receive a cutting-edge tech-badge, designed to enhance the conference experience. It will be especially suitable for our Saturday evening networking event. Early Bird pricing is active: $100 for professionals and $50 for students. Register now at the website. We hope to see you there.