The Damian Jean-Baptiste Caribbean School of Ministry (DJBCSM) was launched in April 2014 and in October 2019 reached a significant milestone by completing its first round of training. The School of Ministry, named in memory of a Caribbean evangelist, faith-hero and visionary was established in response to the need for deeper and more structured biblical training to better equip Christians in the Caribbean for works of ministry. Two campuses were established, one in Jamaica and the other in Trinidad and Tobago, which included courses on topics such as how to correctly interpret and preach the Word, church history, effective counseling and building spiritual families. Eight modules in total were taught over the five years and hundreds of disciples benefited either directly or indirectly from this Spirit-inspired initiative.

The next goal is to launch a new round of courses in 2020, while moving the campuses to two new islands to increase accessibility. In our featured video, Tyrone Marcus, one of the lecturers, summarizes the journey and indicates that anyone anywhere in the world can access the courses at a nominal cost. These contributions will help to supply resources to continue the important work of biblical training in the Caribbean, as we strive to ‘Reach Every Beach’ with the life-giving Gospel of Jesus Christ. To access the Damian Jean- Baptiste Caribbean School of Ministry online please go to