January 2019 marks the 10th annual Miami School of Missions. Initially, the school, devoted to deep bible study, fellowship and practical teaching focused on church leaders from Brazil. Last year, over 100 visiting church leaders attended, expanding the impact of the school to all of South America, Central America, and the Caribbean.

Our 2019 teaching schedule includes:

  • January 14-15 – “Personal Holiness” Guy Hammond (Strength in Weakness Ministry)
  • January 15-16 – “Developing Sustainable Hope Projects/Team Building” Robert Carrillo (HOPE worldwide)
  • January 17-18 – “Deliberate Discipleship” Ed and Deb Anton (Hampton Roads Church of Christ)
  • January 17 – “Serving the Lord with Your Secular Job (Women’s Class)” Deb Anton

Please pray that the lessons learned and fellowship formed through the School of Missions will equip church leaders to share the good news of the gospel in their countries and their communities.