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New Book: “The Outward Spiritual Journey: Relationships, Evangelism, Simplicity, Service, and Daily Discipleship”

Discover transformative insights in Dr. Steve Kinnard’s new book, a Christ-centered exploration of vital disciplines.

National Discipleship Conference: The Art of Reading Scripture in Medellín, Colombia

National Discipleship Conference in Medellín, Colombia focused on scripture reading and Bible study, bringing together believers from across Colombia.

Pressing on to Maturity in Tallinn, Estonia in August 2023

All are invited to the Teaching Ministry Conference in Tallinn, Estonia, to raise up teachers, build healthy churches, and foster…

RMSMT Announces New Transfer Agreement with Lincoln Christian University for Fully Accredited Degrees

RMSMT and LCU have expanded their transfer of credit agreement, allowing students to transfer up to two-thirds of course credits…

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