Over the last few years we’ve seen God work through some pretty amazing ways, including the appointment of three elders and an evangelist and women’s ministry leader at the Shore Points Church in 2017. To add to all of this, on Sunday June 30th we were able see Paris and Zainabu Cunningham appointed as evangelist and women’s ministry leader!

Paris and Zainabu went into the full time ministry together six years ago in the Bronx region of the New York City Church of Christ. In 2017 the Cunningham’s moved to Central Jersey to lead the newly formed Mercer County region of the Central Jersey Church of Christ. Since then we have seen God grow the Mercer County region from 25 to 51 disciples! One of the ways God has used the Cunningham’s the most is through their work at Princeton University. They started with just one student and are now at nine! After another three disciples became students at Princeton we saw five campus conversions just this past year!

Paris and Zainabu have a zeal for God and his mission. They’ve proven to be trustworthy leaders full of the Spirit who are willing to be stretched and challenged in new ways. They have made a profound impact not only in the Mercer region, but the entire Central Jersey Church of Christ! We look forward to all that God will continue to do through them as they lead in the Mercer region and serve as evangelist and women’s ministry leader.