The Cincinnati Church of Christ is excited to introduce two new couples joining our current ministry staff and eldership as we build God’s church in Cincinnati and in the Ohio Valley.

Our new Young Professionals Ministry leaders are Jonathan and Heather Robinson (pictured above). They are moving from the Hampton Roads Church where they were leading a sector of 40+ young professionals while also working full-time jobs. They have received training from many great ministry couples in the Hampton Roads Church and we are very grateful for their support in the Robinsons transition here. They will begin May 1 of this year and lead our young professional ministry consisting of over fifty singles and young married couples. We are excited about this growing ministry and the impact it will have on this significant population demographic in the greater Cincinnati area.

Our second hire is Sam and Lindsay Heigerick (pictured below). Sam and Lindsay most recently led the University of Georgia campus ministry (Sam’s alma mater). Sam and Lindsay both have ties to Cincinnati. Sam’s father was born and raised in Cincinnati and graduated from the University of Cincinnati. Lindsay’s parents, Ed and Nancy Dawson, led the Dayton region of the Cincinnati Church in the 1990’s. We are excited to have the Heigericks leading our 50+ college students at the University of Cincinnati, Xavier, and Northern Kentucky University. The Heigericks will begin leading our campus ministry on June 1st. They will also assist Michael and Angela DeAquino with ICMC 2018 here in Cincinnati. After ICMC18, Michael and Angela will move to their new jobs as congregational youth and family ministers in the Denver Church. We are grateful that God has sent the Heigericks to take the campus ministry baton from the DeAquinos.

We are grateful for the Ministry Search feature on Disciples Today that helped us identify potential candidates and assisted us in hiring the best possible ministry couples for the needs of our church.

God has blessed the Cincinnati Church over the last few years and we are grateful not only for the couples God has brought here to be on staff, but we also rejoice in those disciples who have moved from Cincinnati to bless other churches. Cincinnati-trained disciples now serve in the full-time ministry in Boston, Denver, North River and Indianapolis. We are so thankful for the answered prayers for our staffing needs here, and we are humbled to take part in training staff for other churches in our ICOC fellowship.