US Administration Subcommittee – Keith Rose, Chairman

Administrator Workshops at:

  • 2010 ILC
  • 2011 American Leadership Conference
  • 2012 World Discipleship Summit

Video Subcommittee – Mike Taliaferro, Chairman; Justin Renton, Vice Chairman

  • 120 ICOC Hot News video segments distributed to over 500 churches
  • Video Bible Talk Series begun

Disciples Today – Roger Lamb

  • All DT sites: 542,524 visits; over 1,000,000 minutes viewed from 130 countries
  • ICOC Church Directory 2.0 Paul Ramsey, Editor
  • ICOC US Campus Ministry Directory
  • Disciple Adventures – Campus One Year Challenge; short term missions for all
  • ICMC Registration, Audio and Video
  • ICYFM Registration, Audio and Video
  • 2020 Vision site
  • Delegates Coordination

2012 Plans

  • ICOC Welcome Center
  • ICOC Search Engine Optimization
  • ICOC Church Directory Updated to include leadership
  • Man Up!
  • Kingdom Kids
  • ICOC Singles
  • DT Counselor Connect
  • DT Heart & Soul 2.0
  • Disciples Today 3.0 (BBC format)
  • ICOC Classifieds
  • ICOC Ministry Toolbox

Disciples Today Support
Thanks to everyone who continues to support DT in our mission to connect churches and disciples around the world. Without God’s work through you we would not exist.

2010 Financial Information

Disciples Today is the official media of the International Churches of Christ

Revenue Sources:

Church Support:

1) Donations from 1st world churches = $6 per member per year
2) Donations from 3rd world churches over 500 = $2 per member per year
3) Registration fees from the registrations at ICOC sponsored International Conferences
4) Disciples Today sponsored programs such as the Steps of the Apostles Tour.

Revenues: 2010 Revenues were approximately $294,000

— 69% from church donations
— 22% from fees and services for international conferences
— 9% from various other programs, etc.

Expenses: 2010 Expenses were approximately $278,000

— Two full-time employees
— One part-time business manager
— Three 1099 consultants
— 30 key volunteers providing editorial, production, design, development services, etc.
— 64% of our expenses go towards employee and consultant costs.
— The vast majority of other expenses go to production costs, travel, etc.
— We maintain no office overhead since our work is done globally on the web.

Cash Reserve: We maintain a cash reserve of approximately $100,000

Audit: Our financials are audited annually and filed with the State of Illinois.
Our 990 IRS forms are published annually at

The Need: At the urging of our Board and many leaders, we need to hire another staff person to begin training them for expansion and continuation of DToday. Currently 57% of churches participate in DT support. This need can easily be met without raising the per member contribution if more churches will participate.


ICOC Delegates: Disciples Today is accountable to and receives direction from the ICOC Delegates and the various Service Teams.

Disciples Today Board of Directors: for financial and legal matters

• Steve Staten, Chairman (Chicago)
• Roger Lamb, President (Chicago)
• Keith Rose, CPA, Treasurer (Los Angeles)
• Lisa Holman, Secretary (Seattle)
• Dr. Tim Stenzel (San Diego)

Key Volunteers:

Chicago and Champaign, Illinois
Boston and Worcester, Massachusetts
Denver and Ft. Collins, Colorado
Los Angeles and San Diego, California
Columbia, South Carolina
Fayetteville, North Carolina
Dallas and San Antonio, Texas
Savannah, Georgia
Guanzou, China
Jakarta, Indonesia
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Kiev, Ukraine
Glasgow, Scotland
Johannesburg, South Africa

Resource information:
All of our services are listed on our website at this link: More Than a Website. In fact, this is the most read article on Disciples Today.

We would love to publish news from your church. Please send to:

Thanks again for your prayers and support,

Roger Lamb 630.290.5763

For business details, please contact:
Ann Schaub – Disciples Today Business Manager 630-596-6988