The ICOC Delegates appointed the Communication and Administration Service Team to meet needs of our churches to connect and cooperate with each other to build up the body of Christ.


Disciples Today:

 ICOC Hot News:

  • News and video clips
  • Discipling Survey – 86% of churches surveyed said yes we practice some form of discipleship partners


Disciples Today:

  • DT Heart & Soul – website for single disciples serious about finding a soulmate using Christian counselors as coaches. Release Fall 2009
  • Church Directory and Membership Survey – with Church Notes, find a new solution to gathering info.

Search Engine Optimization for ICOC Websites – Justin Renton, Johannesburg, SAfrica. Find a solution to help all ICOC websites improve their position on search engines.

Webcast and Video Conferencing Tools– find tools to make available for:

  • internet broadcast of international conferences,
  • video and audio hosting for conferences.
  • video conferencing to save travel and encourage relationships, teamwork

Roger Lamb, Chairman
K. H., Church Directories & Technology — Hong Kong
Keith Rose, Administration — Los Angeles
Joe Gattozzi, Church Notes — Boston
Christian Ray Flores, Media — Los Angeles
Africa — Steve Mukenya — Abidjan, Justin Renton — Johannesburg
Europe / Eurasia – Masha Lyashenko — Kiev
North America & Caribbean — Mark Buchholz — Boston
Advisors: Chris Walquist – Technology — Chicago
David Blenko — HOPEww