The new website was released on December 1st and has technology for translation into eight languages. In November Mike Taliaferro and Mike Fontenot sent letters requesting churches to make financial commitment for 2008. Members of churches that subscribe will receive one year free membership to and free licensing of the DToday Videos for 2008. Since the focus of the Disciples Today is for our members and others interested in our churches, Disciples Today has been asked to develop a new ICOC Co-op Churches website for church leaders. They are also exploring the possibility of coordinating the various international conference websites to make them more effective and efficient.

Reports from the Service Teams will be posted on both the ICOC Co-op site and on As well, we hope to see an early 2008 update article on new churches committing and affiliating with the Co-operation Churches. Disciples Today and Mission Memo will continue to perform an annual survey of information from churches and publish results while continuing to maintain a published Church Directory , Events and Links. Disciples Today is cooperating with ICOC Hot News and Mission Memo to provide surveys and information that is relevant and helpful to our ministries and history.

The Communication and Administration Service Team is looking for ways to improve communication among churches and from the Service Teams to the membership.