The Brooklyn Campus Ministry has been in a rebuilding stage for the last couple of semesters, a brief flicker of time compared to Nehemiah’s restoration but at times seemingly comparable in difficulty. Our small family of nine students with an additional two singles who are being trained to help with campus took on the task of running a campus-led worship service in Brooklyn with the intent of inviting 1000 people to join us and see how God has the power and desire to conquer in their lives and bring them to eternal victory as well.

“1000 invites” was initially just a number, a target, an idea, a faithful goal that would push most past their comfort zones, but as the date of the service approached and the stagnant stack of invitations smirked arrogantly at our group’s efforts, 1000 became a mountain. Very fittingly, the theme was “Conquer,” and with little over a week until the deadline sparks of inspiration and initiation were becoming daily occurrences. In the Wednesday evening leading up to the weekend alone, over 300 students at Brooklyn College were reached out to by a hopeful and motivated Brooklyn Campus Ministry bent on conquering their own fears and insecurities and dusting off the cobwebs on their personal evangelism.

During service, the students got an opportunity to share areas in their life where they’ve experienced the conquering power of our amazing God. From challenges with purposelessness and insecurity to hatred toward family and thoughts of suicide, the congregation was allowed a glimpse into the familiar pains of young people and then cheered in celebration when the confession-laced construction paper was flipped to reveal testimonies of overcoming and victory and love and purpose.

We had pizza with our friends at the end of the service. A fitting meal to celebrate how God had used 11 hungry disciples to reach over1000 people.

Please keep the brothers and sisters in the Brooklyn Campus Ministry in your prayers as we strive toward conquering our city.