Did you know that:

  • Over one-third of the global population subscribes to a podcast
  • In first world countries, 50% of the population subscribes to at least one channel
  • Average listening time for podcasts is about 30 minutes as opposed to three minutes for YouTube

Especially in light of the current pandemic rapidly affecting our world, Disciples Today just launched our own Podcast channel. In our mission to inform, inspire, unify and help grow God’s church, we will release weekly podcasts on global news, missions, mental health, marriage, parenting and leadership topics. Please tune in and take us with you on your walks and drives.

Our first episode features Dr. Marc Aguirre and Justin Renton of Johannesburg and Roger Lamb of Boston. We discuss:

  • How flu symptoms are different than Coronavirus symptoms
  • Avoiding things like cash that are super-spreaders of viruses
  • How to take care of someone infected at home
  • Our churches around the world: plans, strategies and infections
  • Updates on the International Day of Prayer and Fasting and the World Discipleship Summit in Orlando
  • Future episodes: Mental health in the midst of a crisis, keeping the church family connected, outreach opportunities, missions, etc.

Click here to listen.