• Establish the standard of following Jesus


  • Question: Have you been reading daily? How is that helping you grow spiritually?
  • Question: What is a disciple? Are there disciples of Jesus today? What would they look like?


ACTS 11:25-26

  • The disciples were called Christians – The people of Antioch identified the disciples of Jesus with a new term, “Christian” or Christ’s disciples. In the Bible, being a Christian and being a disciple are the same thing. Jesus never used the word “Christian.”
  • A disciple is a follower, a student, an imitator in a good way. The word “disciple(s)” occurs more than 270 times in the NT. The word Christian occurs only 3 times. Jesus’ call to us was to be disciples. In the Bible anyone who claimed to be a Christian was a disciple first.


LUKE 9:23-26

  • Self denial is the heart of discipleship. Are you willing?
  • What would that look like in your life?
  • There is gain through loss. What does Jesus mean here?
  • How might one be ashamed of Jesus? Not wanting to pick up your cross!


MARK 1:14-20

  • Come follow me – Jesus called them to be his disciples. In the ancient world, being someone’s disciple was an intimate relationship, not just learning facts but imitating conduct and character. definition of disciple = pupil or learner, apprentice
  • I will send you out to fish – Jesus gave purpose to these men as he called them. His disciples were to have the same purpose that he had.
  • Q: How would you describe their response?
  • Q: Is this the purpose of your life?

Jesus’ mission on earth was to seek and to save what was lost (Lk 19:10) He calls us as disciples to do the same. What is a fisher of men? How would that work in your life? “fishing” takes practice, persistence and passion to get good at it! Let someone show you how.


LUKE 14:25-34

  • Being a disciple is difficult and life-long (a marathon, not a sprint)
  • V25-27 Jesus expects us to be serious about this! What does he mean here?
  • V28-33 count the cost of becoming a disciple, and not becoming one!
  • V34 I have to make the right decision and stay with it. What does that mean for you? What will your challenges be?
  • If anyone comes to me and does not hate – Jesus comes before everything; our family, friends, careers, and personal ambitions. In order to be his disciple, Jesus must be first.

LUKE 9:57-62

We can be full of excuses. Jesus sees right through them.

He makes 3 important points here:

  1. Discipleship is not comfortable, convenient, or easy.
  2. It requires a full commitment from the heart.
  3. There is no looking back.

Q: What challenges you most about that?


JOHN 14:23-24

  • If we say we love Jesus, we will obey what he says.


MATTHEW 28:18-20

As we change and become disciples, we reach out to others, calling them to do the same. This was Jesus’ plan to seek and save the lost, teaching others to obey his word. What is your plan to become a disciple?