Josh and Ginny met on DT Heart & Soul and were married in April 2021. They’re from the Columbus Church of Christ.They share their story here.

Ginny: Josh and I first met in college when I was a junior at Ohio State and he was doing a co-op in Columbus, Ohio. We liked each other some at that time, but we lost touch when he went back to Cincinnati and I went to Korea to study abroad. But in the summer of 2017, we reconnected online through DT Heart & Soul and started chatting and video calling while he was in Columbus and I was living in Busan, South Korea. We started dating on January 26, 2018 and then after more than a year of long-distance dating, we finally got to live in the same city when I moved to Columbus in April of 2019! Even during our time of long-distance dating, I enjoyed our long talks and creative dates like watching movies or making Halloween decorations together.

Josh has been so patient with me and always shows how deeply he loves me. I am so grateful for the love he has showered on me these past three years and I’m so glad God allowed us to reconnect through DT Heart & Soul and get married this past April.

Josh: Ginny and I first met when I came up to Columbus for an internship. We didn’t really spend all that much time together or really click at first. Little did I know that was because I wasn’t the nicest guy to her, unintentionally, of course! I had a sarcasm problem, but luckily a friend helped me out with that and that’s when we started to really click. The first time I really remember connecting with Ginny was on a retreat in West Virginia.

I remember that time just flying by and thinking that she was really cute, but I knew she was leaving for Korea so I didn’t want to pursue anything as I knew it probably wouldn’t go anywhere.

Fast forward a few years when I graduated from college and moved back up to Columbus for a full time job; I eventually joined DT Heart & Soul. It wasn’t until near the end of my subscription that I saw Ginny on there. Honestly my goal for reaching out wasn’t for the possibility of dating; I just wanted to catch up because I didn’t think she was all that into me. Thank goodness she didn’t let that happen! After my second failed attempt at letting the conversation go, I knew she was at least a little interested. After a month of talking, I asked her out on a Skype date and I just remembered she was beautiful. After that date I told her I wanted to pursue her, which she reciprocated. After some back and forth we started dating the next year. We’ve had our ups and downs in our relationship, but through it all I can say with certainty that she’s the one for me and I love her deeply. I can’t imagine spending my life with anyone else!

DTHS Editors : Josh and Ginny, thank you for sharing your story with all of your brothers and sisters!