DT Heart & Soul is an online matching service for singles in our fellowship of churches worldwide. Since going live in 2009, DTHS has been part of bringing 115 marriages together. There is lots happening this summer; read on!

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Congratulations to one of our newest engagements, Rob and Peyton! They plan to get married on July 16th, 2023. Here is their story, shared from their perspective:

Peyton (Colorado Springs, CO) and Rob (Springfield, IL) were seeking on their church’s dating website, DT Heart and Soul, but were not having the best of luck with meeting new people. It wasn’t until Peyton initiated a conversation with Rob on November 16, 2019 that they both seemed to find a match in one another.

After 11 months of building a long-distance relationship, Rob made the trip over to Colorado Springs on August 5, 2020, to go see Peyton. It was a wonderful visit and left them both feeling hopeful about their relationship.

Peyton then made a trip to Springfield to visit Rob that October and Rob asked her to be his girlfriend on the 16th. It was a very special day shared with close and dear friends.

Their relationship was not an easy one. There were a lot of hiccups along the way and lots of growth needed to happen on both sides. God was truly at work in both of them.

Peyton moved to Springfield in May of 2022 and they continued their dating relationship in the same town. Thankfully, in all of the uncertainty, God worked it out for them to continue dating. After months of input and advice, they persevered and trusted God, right up until February 12, 2023 (on Rob’s birthday) when Rob proposed to Peyton and she said YES!