Dear sisters and brothers,

I want to share my story with you, perhaps it can help and encourage some of you. In 2015 I was diagnosed with level 3 cervical dysplasia. I received one-and-a-half years of treatment in one of our local medical centers. There were several issues during the course of my treatment. Some of them were caused by doctors’ negligence; others were caused by my own actions. Eventually in April 2017 I was diagnosed with stage 3cervical cancer. I was given a surgery in June. In August I went through a course of radiation treatment followed by chemotherapy course from September to January. Many disciples helped, supported and prayed for me and my family.

In the course of my general treatment, I experienced so many different situations. Some of them were amazing but others were frankly bad and negative. Thanks to an examination done by the head of the surgical department they decided to operate on my stage 3 metastasis. The head of the department went on vacation right after my exam. (I wouldn’t be given any surgery if I came few days later.) The negative part was that during these two years of tests and treatments I was infected with Hepatitis C. I’m currently a carrier of the Hepatitis antibody, and it scares me to think of the disease.

After the operation my blood sugar level also went up and I was facing a risk of diabetes. After my last chemo treatment was over, I was told that all the tumors were gone and I had no more cancer. Two days later I fell while on a bus and broke two ribs. I went back to the hospital and the medical staff was shocked to see me. I looked like an alien, completely bald, and my blood test results were also very strange. That blow was very hard on me, but I accepted it. I decided to rely on God. My ribs took a long time to heal, but it all went back to normal. I got insurance payment. In June my husband and me went to Abkhazia (Black Sea coast) to heal my body and spirit with the sea and fresh air. We were also accompanied there by a group of disciples.

Right noweverything is in the past. Starting from January last year I’ve been inremission. My hair grew back and blood sugar level also went back to normal,though I could never believe that was ever possible. My blood sugar level is 5at the moment, and the Hepatitis virus is also gone; I’m a carrier of Hepatitisantibody only. I’m still a disabled person,but God has granted me with the honor to serve and work at HOPE worldwide Yekaterinburg, where I canserve the church.

To the people worldwide I wish to speak to all those in sickness – don’tlock yourself out alone in your disease. Bring it to the light. God is aware about what you go through. He will definitely provide help to you. The church is your family. Even if 99% of people are too slow to react, 1% is all you need to be given love and attention of God. A single person + God are an absolute majority on this planet.

My dear sisters and brothers, I still need your prayers for another surgery I’m going to have. It will not be as severe but still it is important. The surgeons decided that a hernia needs removal. The hernia is also a result of some issues which occurred during my cancer treatments. I’m going to be hospitalized on December6th and the surgery is planned for the 7th. I hope it is going to go well.

With love,Natalia Pyatkova

Ekaterinburg, Russia