Our Committee enjoyed our final 2010 face to face meeting in conjunction with the International Leadership Conference in Miami in September. We were sobered by the news that our brother Jeff Balsom of Chicago was unable to attend because of his diagnosis of cancer. Fervent prayers continue on behalf of Jeff and his family for a complete recovery in keeping with God’s will. Our prayers continue as a brotherhood for the Balsom family.

The ILC was a complete joy from all accounts. The elders were delighted to end our time together in the company of leaders devoted to fulfilling the mission of world evangelism through a cooperating worldwide brotherhood effort! Our committee focus has included:

  1. Preparation and Delivery of messages for the Shepherding and Oversight track at the ILC which included teaching on: Leadership Development, Unity between Elders, Evangelist and Teachers, Conflict Resolution, Passing Faith to the Next Generation, Shepherding and Restorations and Teaching as Vital to Church Building! The Track was well attended and seemed to be greatly appreciated by a variety of Church leaders.
  2. Conflict Resolution and Unity efforts in Atlanta and Zurich Switzerland where encouraging progress was made both between and within cooperating churches. In Atlanta a mediation team of Bruce Williams, John Causey and Wyndham Shaw was asked to assist in resolving issues between 5 cooperating congregations. In Zurich support was offered in an internal conflict situation. The committee continues to get multiple requests per year for assistance of this kind and is in the process of developing a synthesis of principles and practical experience for responding to such needs among us.
  3. Diversifying the experience and representation of our committee. In Miami the group agreed to seek more Geographic representation from US families of churches, non-staff elders to represent the majority of those who serve from this station in life and elders who have more international church building experience either through their mission experience or as nationals appointed in our historic mission fields. In keeping with this we have extended invitations to Larry Craig and Frank Kim to serve on the committee beginning in 2011. Larry serves as and elder for the NY City church and Frank serves as a non-staff elder in Denver and also brings quite extensive missions experience in the Pacific Rim.
  4. We also decided in Miami to create sub committees consisting of five areas:
    • Eldership Development,
    • Training Elder’s wives,
    • Doctrinal Issues,
    • Building Family and
    • Conflict Resolution.
    • Our LA meeting in February will provide time for work on these topics by newly formed groups and chairmen. Other sub-committees will be developed as needed.

  5. Finally we are encouraged at the unity and mutual respect being experienced and enhanced by the cooperation of the elders, teachers and evangelists committees who are working together to contribute the collective impact of each of these gifted roles to our fellowship. There has been agreement to quarterly conference calls between the three chairmen and a day of face to face meetings in LA in February focused on agendas felt to be vital by each group. Please pray for our continued progress in humility and maturity!

Wyndham Shaw, Chair — Boston
Al Baird — Los Angeles
Bill Hooper — Dallas
Israel Ereola — Lagos
Jeff Balsom — Chicago
John Brush — South Florida
Ron Brumley — Seattle
Sam Laing — Athens, Georgia
Walter Evans — Philadelphia