The new Evangelists Service Team met in San Antonio at the beginning of July before the World Discipleship Summit. Here is a report to update the church on the progress we’ve made.

A big vote of thanks was extended to Bruce Williams for his service as chairman for the last three years. Mike Taliaferro was elected as the new chairman for the committee.

New subcommittees were also formed to tackle several important tasks. These sub-committees include:

  1. Leadership Development, Sam Powell, chairman. This committee will focus on the raising up of leaders in our churches.
  2. Global Missions Strategy (Doug Arthur & Shawn Wooten) will focus on developing a plan for world evangelism for our churches.
  3. Regional Family Chairmen Development (Bruce Williams and Mike Fontenot) will help our Regional Families of Churches around the world to be more effective and organized. (see below)
  4. Youth and Family (John Louis) will focus on helping our families around the world to have the resources needed to raise up strong families in the Lord.
  5. Inter-committee Liaisons (Justin Renton) will communicate with the other service committees like HOPEww, the Singles, and the Campus, to explain and push their agenda with the evangelists.
  6. Delegates Meetings (Shawn Wooten and AT Arneson) Direct and coordinate the next Delegates meeting, preparing the agenda and work with the Communication & Administration Service Team to communicate the event.
  7. 2020 Vision -A special task force is being formed to encourage all our churches to have 2020 Vision plans, and to encourage those plans forward.

These subcommittees will be having conference calls and start tackling their duties immediately. We certainly need your prayers!

Thank you

Evangelists Service Team

Mike Taliaferro, Chair

The Regional Family Chairmen Development Subcommittee

We held our first meeting of all the Regional Family Chairmen on July 3rd. We have 28 regional families. We are very thankful for these brothers who are willing to devote their time to the growth and unity of their regional family. We emphasized how crucial their leadership is to our continued growth and unity. We asked them to follow up on the following:

  1. Make sure that every congregational evangelist has a discipleship relationship outside his local church. Obviously we are close to many people within our churches. Still, we talked of the need we all have to build relational ligaments outside of our local congregations. We all need those relationships that continue to encourage us and call us higher (Proverbs 27:17)
  2. If a congregation in your regional family lacks a congregational evangelist, work with the local leadership team to find one or develop a plan to afford one.
  3. Develop and stay on top of the regional family’s 2020 Vision Plan.
  4. Develop a “Regional Core Leadership Team”. Each chairman should develop a small group that would provide team leadership in the regional family.
  5. Coordinate the planning of regional staff retreats, discipleship groups, and conferences.
  6. Gather annual growth numbers promptly. Make sure that each congregation provides the annual information requested by Roger Lamb and the Evangelists’ and Elders’ Service Teams.
  7. Provide healthy intervention of conflict resolution. If a local congregation is unable to resolve conflicts that may arise among the leadership, the chairmen should work with the local leadership team to provide healthy resolution.

Our meeting with the chairmen provided an opportunity for them to ask questions and share with one another some of their most effective practices.

Bruce Williams (LA) and Mike Fontenot (Hampton Roads), Chairmen

Regional Family Chairmen Subcommittee

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