Are you looking for new spiritual resources to lead your Bible Talk or family group? Do you need a quiet time booklet to share with a new Christian just finding their feet in the faith? What about equipping your church with bite size discipling/mentoring ideas to train everyone to obey everything Jesus taught? Scott Kirkpatrick, evangelist for the New York City Church of Christ, has been using booklets from like this: 

We know that healthy mentoring and discipling is one of the keys to having a healthy church. When we took the job and moved to lead the region of Harlem in the New York City Church, we knew that it would be important to help the church refocus on biblical discipling. We taught from the Bible for eight months on the topic of discipling to give the congregation a biblical foundation for this important discipline. We also wanted to have a menu and thought out insightful discipling times, so that every person could have a consistent Bible-focused time of growth. For this reason we bought the ICOC HotResources “24 Discipling Times for Every Occasion” so that each member of the church can have two equipping times per month, which would make a year of consistent training. This is the goal of the church in Harlem. I’m so grateful we have this resource to help our church grow as disciples.

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