With God’s help and the power of community, the ICOC churches in East Africa are expanding their horizons with new church plantings, the appointment of new evangelists, and campus and teen events.

Joachim and Evelyne Pallangyo are the first Tanzanian couple appointed to the ministry.

Breaking new ground, Joachim and Evelyne Pallangyo are the first Tanzanians appointed as evangelist and women’s ministry leader in the East Africa ICOC family. Their deep passion for God, extensive ministry experience, and unwavering dedication to serving the church have been evident throughout their journey. The appointment is a testament to their humility, commitment, and service to the church in Tanzania.

Joachim and Evelyne are the third ministry couple appointed in the ministry in 2023. The other two couples are Sammy and Eunice Mbuva in Kenya, and Johnson and Norah Namei in Uganda.

New congregations took root in Kilifi, Nakuru, in Kenya, as well as Mbarara in Uganda. These budding churches witnessed numerous baptisms and demonstrated a consistent pattern of growth over the years.

The coastal city of Mombasa (Kenya) hosted the first post-pandemic campus retreat. Students from as far as Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda formed strong bonds with their Kenyan brothers and sisters and enjoyed a memorable time of spiritual connection, and cultural exploration.

In our recent teen camp, we experienced an overwhelming turnout of 225 participants. This included 13 children from Kampala, Uganda, who attended for the first time. The theme was “Unmasked.” Both campers and counselors openly shared their fears, struggles, and victories.

Post-camp, several campers decided to deepen their faith journey through Bible study and baptism in their respective churches. After this life-changing time, many are looking forward to this year’s camp entitled, “Be Humble.”

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